Emotional Wellbeing Coaching

Emotional wellness often is often neglected, especially in the workplace. Stress is inevitable in the most positive work places but most employees are not good at managing it. Becoming overwhelmed, unproductive, and anxious. Companies might pride themselves on their hard-driving environment, not realizing that overwork tends to come with rapidly diminishing returns on actual productivity, putting the business at risk. Successful, loyal employees want to feel supported and valued, “emotional flaws” and all. Emotional health can be a sensitive topic, with reluctant employees sharing their struggles, to not appear weak, unstable, incapable to their supervisors, therefore developing trust is a very important ingredient in making the program. Instead, cope by doing only the bare minimum and interacting with coworkers and managers as little as possible, turning to unhealthy ways, turning to drugs or alcohol as an escape. Performance issue may in fact be an emotional health crisis in disguise. To avoid this employer can also add emotional health screenings to their wellness program. Corporate wellness programs help employees with effective ways of dealing with everyday stress, develop emotional resilience and teaching self-compassion. A wellness program can provide strategies for stopping the cycle of negative, obsessive thoughts, providing tools to help self-esteem recover boosting the emotional health, arming them with coping skills to manage unpredictable events. Allowing employees can deal with disappointment, failure, or crisis, learn from it, and continue to move forward. This makes them more productive employees.

Image by Arlington Research