Shadow Work

A 2 hour workshop helping you to understand your shadow side and what is holding you back from stepping into your power. The shadow is part of our psych that we see as a dark side of our personality. Although mainly negative but sometimes it can also consist of positive aspects also. As we grow up our environment labels some traits as negative and some as positive. If this rejection threatens our basic needs we adapt accordingly and in doing so we hide this aspect from the world and even ourselves. Disowning our parts can cause them to turn against us. This is when we feel we are behaving out of our own control. Shadow work is the process of exploring, understanding our shadow aspect, so that we become more self aware, integrated, balanced, happy and in peace

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Masculine & Feminine in the workplace

Regardless of our gender, we are all made of masculine and feminine energies, which is part of the duality of life. Within these there are energies that bring forth our balanced feminine and masculine and others that bring forth the dark side of these energies. Which can effect tremendously our wellbeing, relationships, careers and generally every aspect of ourself. Saying that we are all unique and it’s important also to honor our true nature and balance it so we can bring forth the best version of ourself, not what the outside world tells us we should be. This event will start with a short talk and then a meditation that brings forward aspects of feminine and masculine to heal and balance these energies.

Happiness Programme

Happiness is not only a great feeling; it makes people more enthusiastic and productive. Happy people are often the most successful in their field of activities, allowing a more successful and fulfilling life. It allows you to overcome life challenges, survive pitfalls. Happy people have fewer enemies and more friends, and can achieve fulfilling relationships. Happy people always tend to be healthier and live longer. Be grateful, no matter how unhappy, sick, tired or sad you are, remember you have the precious gift of life! Nobody has the power to determine the future. Choose happiness today, and enjoy every moment that you have. Good news is learning how to be happy is possible.

Happy Student
Running Outdoors

Merging With Your Authenticity

This can be used in conjunction with other alternative therapies. It takes into account the whole person and helps activate each patient’s natural healing processes as well as restoring their physical and emotional well-being.