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Toni-Marie is an intuitive transformational coach and healer, also the author of the relationship book, ‘From Me to We’. There is a big gap between knowing the root cause of the problem from a psychological perspective, and making noticeable changes that improves life and wellbeing.

Toni-Marie has developed her own method of helping people to bridge this gap after detecting the core of the issue; she eliminates the destructive self-sabotaging patterns resulting in lasting transformation. She has helped hundreds of people to find, resolve and transform unwanted programs, repeated negative patterns, limited beliefs, fears, anxieties, low-self esteem and much more to deep self awareness and empowerment.

Aligned with full authentic potential clients are able to find fulfillment, happiness and success in life and in relationships. To achieve this she utilizes various techniques/modalities such as Jungian psychology, NLP, Life Coaching, Theta, Reiki, Pranic Healing, and New Me Breath Work.



Theta Healing

Reprogramming your mind

Reiki Healing

Balance Your Chi

Quantum Reiki

Rejuvernate your energy

Pranic Healing

Holistic Cleansing

Breathe & Body Work

Releasing self sabotage

Transformational Coaching

Change your destiny

Relationship Coaching

Experience better relationships

Emotional Healing

Changing and balancing emotions

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I will never lose you

I had the best of you

And that cannot be

stolen by anyone 

Even by the New You

Toni Marie Taherian


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